The Awakening Towards Dangerous Chemicals In Your Own Home

Over the last decades, science has helped pretty much every part of our economy get cheaper methods of production. Whether this was in food with cheap sweeteners or though clothing with synthetic fibers… it just got easier. But we started to realize slowly how bad the chemicals used were for us.

The first big change happened with the organic food movement. Now it’s pretty common knowledge that organic foods that don’t have chemicals or fake ingredients in them are much better for us. Now all the food companies are getting into the act and it’s a huge movement that hopefully will change the way food is grown and consumed.

The next big movement that has just recently begun is inside your home. Many people are starting to realize just how “toxic”… how many chemicals… are in all the things in your home. Let’s take a look at some of these and the alternatives.

A small example is hand soaps. A company called Method Soap is growing really quickly and they started with hand soap. Regular hand soap has chemicals which could irritate your skin. The natural soap is gentle but still cleans really well. They have since moved to all sorts of different home care products.

Then you have cleaning products. These are serious because the air you breath does not circulate as well in your home. These chemicals can also get in your carpets where your pets spend their lives and where your children play. There has been a safe cleaner movement for sometime and it’s something you should look into.

Then you have fabrics that you wear and use each day. The applies to your clothes which have dangerous dies in them and other chemicals. All of which can not just irritate your skin, but possibly cause allergies. Then you have blankets and bedding. Most bedding has chemicals that help keep them from getting wrinkles, help them from catching on fire, and even things like resisting dust mites.

People are finally starting to really realize this and starting to trend their habits to these organic materials. There is a downside to them however. One they tend to cost more money. It makes sense because they are harder to product usually. Two they require a little more care. You have to be careful with how you care for them and clean them.