Design Tips For The Ideal En Suite

Most homes will have a single shared bathroom. However, an increasingly popular option is to have a small en suite off the main bedroom, along with a large family bathroom elsewhere in the house.

If you have an en suite bathroom, or you are considering installing one, you will know it has its own unique design considerations.

These tips will help you plan your en suite bathroom, and ensure you get the most from it.

Decide on the room size

If you are planning to create an en suite bathroom, the first thing you have to do is decide on the space you have available. After all, you don’t want to give up too much of your bedroom.

Once you have decided on the placement of the en suite, and the dimensions, you can start thinking about design.

Plan the floorplan

An en suite bathroom is unlikely to have a lot of space, so it makes sense to plan where the furniture is going to go.

You should aim to save as much space as possible, so perhaps place storage cabinets under the sink instead of using freestanding units. Perhaps place the toilet in the corner, and if you are installing a bath or shower, use one with a curve.

You should also consider installing underfloor heating, as this will allow you to heat the en suite, without sacrificing space to a radiator.

It makes sense to play about with the floor plan, until you get the ideal set up for your en suite.

Think of the flow

You may want to think of the bathroom as an extension of your bedroom, in which case there should be a natural flow between the two rooms.

Floor coverings and colours should complement what is in place in the bedroom.

However, if you want to make it obvious that it is a completely separate room, you can reflect this in the design. Colours can be completely different, as can the flooring.

It is really down to your own preference.

Consider the cost

When creating an additional bathroom, or carrying out any other renovation projects, it is important to have a budget in place.

You should also stick to the budget as much as you can. This may mean you have to compromise on some design choices, but that is better than spending money you don’t have.

An extra bathroom can be a very convenient addition to the home, but that does not mean that the planning process is easy.