Floor Redesigns – Tips for Painting a Concrete Floor

When it comes to flooring, polished concrete floors are great materials, which are more commonly used. However in homes it’s not something you would want to leave unfinished or uncovered. Many people prefer to have their flooring either laminated, carpeted, or tiled with hardwood or tiles, rather than keep it with the plain old slab flooring. But on the upside of things, and for a big change, concrete can actually look quite good if it is finished properly.

Tips and tricks to painting concrete.

The first step before considering any tips and tricks is to figure out what type of concrete you have. Do you have polished concrete floors, or perhaps terrazzo floors? This makes knowing what type of paint to go with much easier.

The tips of painting both polished concrete and terrazzo floors include the most important task of all, finding the best type of paint for the job. While you can choose virtually any color you’d like, choosing the wrong type of paint can leave you with chipping and cracked surfaces. Water based paints are generally not a great idea when it comes to concrete flooring, as they usually do not adhere to the surface very well. Oil based paints are usually the best choice, as they stick to the surface much better, and also help to prevent chipping and cracking in the process.

Best paint colors for polished concrete and terrazzo floors.

Now that you understand the best type of paint to use for your polished concrete, let’s look into what the best type of color to get the job done is. When it comes to color you can virtually choose any that you’d like, some of the classic choices for concrete are those of beige, chocolate, grey, white, and darker purples. Another selection of colors to choose from that look best on concrete materials is those of red, olive, amber, purple, and dark blue.

These are just a few general tips and tricks to learning how to paint your polished concrete floors and your terrazzo floors properly and getting the most bangs for your buck in the process. Remember it is important to use concrete floor sealers to help protect the surface. You will want to consider those of skid resistant coatings instead of the glossier finishes. When it comes to painting it’s all about preparation. When you prepare ahead of time for what to expect, then chances are you will be fully capable of making all the tough decisions and completing the tasks at hand much more efficiently and quickly. In no time at all you will be enjoying your newly painted concrete flooring, and others will be commenting on how wonderful it looks.