Free Energy Systems As An Offgrid Power Source

Zero cost energy systems allow you to generate electricity for your household without having to pay electricity bills. Zero cost energy systems rely on well founded technology to deliver free energy to its users. These systems are so efficient that you could always fulfill the electricity requirements for your home, without paying a single penny in terms of electricity bills.

Free energy devices utilise simple and easy energy generation methods such as generation of electricity from radio waves, generation of electric current from static electricity, and conversion of radiant energy to electric energy. Whichever method is used, the modes of installation of zero cost energy systems are very similar and very easy to implement.

If you want to dispense with the power grid altogether, or want the power grid and free energy systems completely independent of each other, connect zero cost energy systems as offgrid power source systems. In this way, you can give up power grid altogether if you want to. But you won’t be able to sell extra electricity to the power grid.

The connection of free energy devices as offgrid power source systems is easy, and requires some auxiliary devices. A battery for backup is a good idea. A generator is also used to keep the battery charged during downtimes. The free energy system is connected to an Array DC Disconnect, which is connected to a charge controller.

The charge controller is connected to a deep cycle battery which stores electrical energy as backup. The battery is connected to a system meter, which is connected to a Main DC Disconnect, which is connected to an Inverter. The Inverter is connected to a Generator as well as an AC breaker panel. The AC Breaker Panel is connected to household mains supply.

The use of battery as a backup ensures that electricity is available for the household from the free energy system itself, especially as the generator always keeps the battery charged even during downtime and maintenance of the power system.