Review: Trane Heat Pump

A manufacturer of HVAC products since 1885, Trane has become a name of high standards, technological innovations and quality for more than a hundred years. But can this also be said about its manufactured heat pumps?

Invented in the 1880s, they are systems that circulate warm air during winter and cold air during summer, thus functioning as the heater and air conditioner at the same time. The modern day Trane heat pumps come built with a system that includes an air cleaner, an air handler or circulator and a digital thermostat to control the entire system. Trane has manufactured four types of model units that vary according to energy sufficiency. These have efficiency ratings as highs as 9.8 HSPF and 17.6 SEER on high end models, and its innovative dual compressor mechanism has helped further decrease energy costs.

New additions on higher end models include a ComfortLink system, which is an optional mobile connection service that enables users to control their units even from afar by using a connected phone, and the CleanEffects air cleaner, which was certified to remove around 99% of the common flu viruses circulating the air. The pump’s design was also proven to be durable and reliable, with the unit being able to last for years without need for extensive repair.

But despite its many improvements over the years, they get mixed reviews for user satisfaction. Most satisfactory reviews claim that their units functioned excellently and have been around for a long time yet needed little repairs. Unsatisfied users, however, complained of the pumps having faulty interior design, leaks, broken valves and other mechanical failures. Even while the product offers extensive warranties, customers claimed that these did not help shoulder the repair of their units. Also, most complaints of malfunctioning units come from the newer models while older designs were reportedly still functioning even after 20 years of use.

Despite complaints of failures and mixed reviews, Trane has delivered more than thousands of its products worldwide and is still one of the most preferred brands of pumps in North America. With high energy efficiency ratings and innovative designs, as a whole, Trane heat pumps have been around long enough to establish a reputation of quality products.