How important are entrance mats for your business?

Absolutely. If you are in any of these key roles, it is a YES!

  1. You can manage the building’s operation budget.
  2. You manage custodial as well as janitorial duties.
  3. You are responsible for safety and health at the workplace.
  4. You help create brand awareness and marketing strategy for your company.
  5. You manage customer service and ensure customer satisfaction.

You may wonder “What the heck do entrance custom rugs with logo even have to do?”

  1. You control your building’s operations budget.

Most material goods managers are limped by reduction operating budgets and ever-expanding scopes of duties…you’re continually tasked with getting more done with less! Hidden efficiencies are an excellent way to stretch your budget. Also, a thorough inspection of your building’s entrance matting could reveal potential savings.

It is estimated that the average weekly matting rental contract will cost you about half as much as purchasing and maintaining your own entrance custom rugs with logo.  The savings you make the longer you own it. Also, superior matting (like our Grizzly), can last up 10 years commercial duty.

  1. You manage custodial as well as janitorial duties.

Property managers are always looking for creative ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency. A commercial-quality, functional, high-quality entrance custom rugs with logo will help you reduce the amount of time it takes to clean floors. High-quality and high-performance matting is not just floppy, sloppy rent matting. It actively grabs and captures dirt and keeps it focused at entrance points. Cleaning up after them is fast and easy. Think of dirt as a sticky spilled liquid. It’s quicker and easier to clean up sticky spillages when they’re concentrated into one small puddle.

  1. You are responsible for safety and health at the workplace.

H&S managers must pay attention to potential dangers in the workplace. Employees and customers/visitors can fall and trip-and fall hazards can pose a serious safety risk. It is because they are so loose that they don’t stay flat on the ground, that rental custom rugs with logo can become a serious tripping hazard. If shoes are caught on the edges or corners of rental mats while people walk over them, they can become slippery and dangerous. Custom rugs with logo are disposed to flop because they’re launderable which is just another way to say as floppy as a bath towel because this mat has to be limp enough to go into an industrial washing machine”!

  1. You help create brand awareness and marketing strategy for your company.

Most people are aware of where they are walking and will look at the ground as soon as they enter a building. It’s a great idea to put your logo, or branding messaging directly in front their eyes. The untapped potential for branding is available in the flooring of your facility, which most retailers are not aware of. You can use your entry mats for two purposes. They serve to improve the safety and cleanliness of your buildings, and reinforce your brand’s image with an inlaid logo. You need to install entrance mats in order for your commercial building to be well managed.