The Untold Dangers of Folding Step Stools

Why? These step stools tend be very dangerous when standing on them and reaching to lift an object. Bottom line is that the folding step stools are not very stable or sturdy. Especially the step stools sold at hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes or department stores like Target.

These inexpensive folding step stools are made cheaply and can’t hold very much weight. Next time you see one of these step stools, do yourself a favor and look for the load rating. Some are rated for 225 pounds or less. That’s just not enough to hold a big person carrying an object and leaning over to the side of the folding step stool. Not to mention that the folding step stool has moving parts that can and will wear over time lowering the load rating every time you use it. So here are a couple of things to look for before buying a folding step stool.

Load rating: 500 pounds minimum! That is if you don’t want your step stool to collapse or tip over when you’re on it.

Design: Does your folding step stool have a larger base than the top? This is easy to do, just look at the picture on the outside of the box or ask if you can open the box and take the step stool out. Another thing you’ll want to look at are the rubber pads on the bottom of the folding step stool. Are the pads going to wear through after use? If so can you buy replacement pads for your folding step stool?