Using Natural Wax in Candles

Ask a person if he or she will go for natural wax candles compared to paraffin candles. Most people will probably say that natural wax candles would be their choice. After all, why go for other kinds of candles when there are those which are made from materials and ingredients that are natural and not synthetic and simply not harmful.

Now you may think that all natural wax that are used in making candles are the same. After all, they all look the same and they all serve the same purpose. You think that the only thing that makes the various types of natural waxes different from each other is the color. Like the beeswax which is a natural wax. It has a yellowish hue. But the color is simply not the only thing that makes each natural wax different from others.

Did you know that within each kind of natural wax, there are differences as well? Yes. That is true. Let us take for example the soy wax. There are different types of soy waxes. And each one has a different property which you have to understand if you believe that a career in natural waxes is what you want to be part of.

Experts in natural wax have said that the differences in the wax types is actually because of the other natural ingredients that are added to the main wax. For example, soy wax can be mixed with beeswax to get a unique texture that you can only get from mixing these two natural waxes.

There are natural waxes which can only be used when making container candles. See, these natural waxes are too soft to be used in making other candles that can stand on their own. They melt too soon and will work best if put in a container. If not, you will probably be scratching your head asking why that natural wax candle melted too soon than what you expected it to be.

And then there are those natural waxes which are best used if you are thinking of creating scented candles. These waxes blend well with the essential oils and the end product is a wonderfully scented candle that does not have impurities.

With that in mind, you can now start doing your studies on the various natural wax types available in the market. You may opt to try creating beeswax candles or maybe natural wax candles which have been mixed with aromatherapy essential oils. What is important though is that you know just what type to use so as not to make a candle disaster.