What Does a Building Surveyor Do?

Blame it to massive media propaganda or simply the lack of enthusiasm to make their profession look fancy — it cannot be denied that a lot of people think that a building surveyor’s job is dull and boring. Nevertheless, from the perspective of a person who knows better, surveying can be one of the most exciting and interesting job there is. Furthermore, without building surveyors other professionals like engineers and architects will not be able to complete their tasks.

Noble Professionals in the Background

Building surveyors are specially-trained professionals who are given the responsibility to make sure that all infrastructures erected comply with the regulations and codes set by the state. They are expert in the laws that govern construction firms and agencies, as well as the laws that protect the public from unsafe buildings and establishments.

These people do not work in the frontline to take the credits for building the tallest or the grandest building in the city. They work in the background, constantly evaluation the soundness of an architectural plan and making sure that the construction foremen remain faithful to the rules and regulations set upon them by the state.

Strict Adherence to Safety Regulations

In essence, building surveyors are there in order to ensure the safety of the workers who construct the infrastructures as well as the overall safety of the general public who will make use of the building once it is erected. For these reasons, it is very important that a building surveyor is faithful to his/her profession. He/she should not yield to bribes that seek to make him/her lax in the performance of his/her job or else, safety will be compromised and many lives will be put to risk.

It is a common practice in developing countries to give less attention to the vital role of a surveyor in the construction of buildings and other gigantic structures. This practice should be corrected as early as possible in order to uphold safety.

Surveying to Go Green

In addition, building surveyors are responsible in keeping the design of the structures eco-friendly. It is his/her duty to suggest ways so as to make the energy consumption is the building as efficient as possible. Together with the other professionals working on the project, the building surveyor looks for ways to make sure that the construction of the building or mega structure does minimum damage to the environment.