Designing a Bar – Some Important Tips

Celebrating over a round of drinks or just coming in to enjoy your favorite cocktail, the bar sees a wide variety of audience come in on a daily basis. Needless to say, the ambience and design of a bar have to be comfortable yet differentiating. The expertly crafted cocktail is just one part of the evening in the bar. It’s ambience is the other part that plays a major role in making the evening memorable as the visitors enjoy their favorite cocktail. Designing a bar has to be done with perfection, if you want people to love it. From the dimly lit corners to bold designs, you will have several options when planning the design of the bar.

Understanding the basics

Before you begin to explore the realm of bar design, you will need to identify the basic purpose that it will serve. The bar design is supposed to catapult the visitors into a serene ambience that is replete with elegance and gives them momentary respite from their routine worries. This means that you are left with a lot of room to experiment with the bar design. Use this freedom wisely to design the bar and the results will be amazing. The best solution in such situations is to work in tandem with a full time designer and accordingly work out the design for your bar.

The space crunch

So, we have recommended that you try experimenting with your bar design. But that doesn’t mean you start choosing blindly and go overboard with the experimentation. The floor space that will be used to build the bar is an important factor that will decide the extent to which you can experiment with the design. Usually, the larger floor space calls for more innovative and loud designs. The smaller ones on the other hand can o great with the cozy ambience theme.

The Lighting

The lights will play a crucial role in showcasing the bar design and creating the ambience that you have desired for your bar. Match the type of lighting with the overall bar design. For example, the loud lighting go better with the bold innovations in your bar design. On the other hand the soft lighting is the perfect way to recreate the cozy ambience in those comfortable corners. For those of you having the space and the money to spare, try the other versions like neon lighting or a disco lighting. It will work wonders to make your bar ambience distinct and impactful.

The perfect bar menu

Yes! The type of spread that you offer to your guests has to go hand in hand with the ambience that you have attempted to recreate. Usually, every bar is designed keeping in mind a certain theme. Make sure that the menu reflects this theme. After all, not doing so, will only lead to confusing your guests.

Lastly, remember to take advice from a good interior designer at all stages of the bar designing process. This advice may cost you a nominal fee. But it’s worth the investment considering that you won’t have to regret any of your decisions at a later stage.