Feel Itchy But Can’t See Anything? You May Have Mites

Feeling itchy yet nothing seems to be the cause? Do you sense bugs crawling on your skin but there is nothing there? Could you have mites?

Across the country, there are thousands of people dealing with a mysterious sense of itching. Insanely annoying itching that seems to have no cause. There can be a feeling of crawling insects. There can be evidence of bug bites even though victims have never seen a bug. These itching sensations can happen in your bed, on the sofa, or in your car.

What could this be? Many people dealing with this nightmare infestation have absolutely no idea. Visits to doctors are a dead end because lack of evidence forces the medical community to state the victim has “Parasitosis”. That means the victim is inventing a problem that doesn’t exist.

In defense of doctors, there are some pretty strange common occurrences that seem pretty fishy. These ‘bugs’ are more active at night. Yeah, right. People can feel them in their eyes, nose and ears. Hmmm… And the real kicker – only some people living in a household feel this and yet others have no sensations whatsoever. Imagine you are the only one in your family that has this overwhelming issue – yet nothing is there!

One possible explanation is mites. Not dust mites but distant cousin mites that actually feed on animals. They are typically bird mites or rat mites that enter your world via a preferred host – perhaps rodents under your house or birds that find their way in to the attic. The main host leaves and these parasites go in search of another food source. Humans will do just fine. And not everyone has allergic reactions to the bites therefore some family members don’t have a problem while others are going mad.

An accurate diagnosis is almost impossible since you must have a high powered microscope along with a healthcare provider that actually believes you. Insecticides will not work whatsoever as these are not insects. So what do you do?

If you suspect mites, try a safe and proven product that has been documented to treat mites. Buy a small amount and test it for three days. If you see improvement, it is a good chance you have mites. Now you can perform a treatment which is easy and you can do it yourself. It will require fogging your living spaces several times using a safe, natural product. Toxic chemicals will not work on the mites but they sure will affect you. And having endured the nightmare of mites, you want to make sure you suffer no more.