Using Your Garden for Natural Pest Control

Pest control companies have successfully been eliminating unwanted and harmful insects and pests from our homes and landscapes. However, a new realization has dawned with people beginning to use natural means of keeping the pests away. It is found that certain arrangements, if taken care of at the time of planting, can create natural ways of keeping pests away from your garden. Apart from working as a pest control measure, the technique offers many other benefits too. It proves helpful in providing shades to other plants, creates climbing spots for them and generates additional nutrients. Following you’ll discover more about using organic pest control techniques.

  • Flowers like alyssum, basket of gold and columbine that bloom earlier than other varieties also attract many helpful insects and encourage their growth. They do not harm you in any manner while in your garden, and they feed on other harmful insects, which you may be trying to eliminate through the use of chemicals. After these plants have faded, you can substitute them with wine cups, yarrow and dwarf alpine, and obtain the same benefits. And, when the season is nearing its end, you will find the planting of wild bergamot, European goldenrod, and sea lavender to solve the same issues.
  • The mantis is a large green insect with large eyes and powerful front legs, which feeds on other smaller insects. Procure the mantis and introduce it into your yard for the natural benefits it provides. You may also get the same benefits using ladybugs in your garden.
  • Lavender goes to repel fleas and moths, but attracts helpful insects, like bees, that promote the healthy growth of plants in your garden.
  • When you find it difficult to keep away cabbage, cucumber and other damaging beetles, consider planting oregano.
  • Different kinds of pests in your garden’s soil can be controlled if you plant marigolds all through your garden. You’ll find this tip of great help when you are growing tomatoes. Once their growing season is over, you can make use of dead marigolds for making organic manure and thus enhance the productivity of your soil.
  • Fresh mint goes to eliminate a number of pests from your garden. These include fleas, ants and rodents. Simultaneously, these plants attract favorable insects, including bees. The limitation of growing mint is that it grows very fast and may become difficult to handle if not cared properly. You can avoid its overgrowing by planting it in containers.
  • Basil can also be planted at strategic locations, like the corners and the middle of the garden to keep mosquitoes and flies at bay.
  • It is always nice to have a bit of garlic. This plant efficiently clears your garden of flies, Japanese beetles, aphids and flies. Catnip herb also helps repelling these pests along with ants, weevils and bugs.

Other than the above ways of keeping harmful elements away from your garden, using naturally available means, you may also like patronizing services of a professional company for treating your home once or more every year. A professional pest control company can give you more helpful tips for keeping pests and bugs away from your home. However, care should be taken to use the services of an experienced company. The benefits of experience are hard to deny. A company that has been in the same business for the last so many years can be relied upon for offering effective services, else they would have been wiped out of business.