How to Choose a Decent Plumber

When you need a plumber, it is really usually unexpected, all is running smoothly, then you find the boiler has broken, or your sink is blocked beyond your own repair.

You are in a rush and need to find a suitable plumber.

The internet is the tool we use these days, but there are numerous plumbers advertising on the internet and the ability to

choose one who will guarantee to do your work efficiently and cost effectively, is a lottery.

So how do you find one who will serve your needs at a price you can afford?

Well, firstly, check they are Gas Safe registered, this will eliminate most unprofessional companies immediately. There are many out there!!

Also ask to see their Gas Safe registration, as this will confirm their credentials in this field.

If they say they have lost it, or indeed they have not got it with the, tell them that they can start once they have shown it to you. Ok…

Take the details down and place them somewhere safely.

The Gas Safe registration is a valuable tool, to ensure they are who they say they are and also if issues arise at a later date, you can take it up with the appropriate bodies.

Ask for testimonials, from previous clients.

Also ask if they work for estate agents or restaurant/hotel branches. If they do, the chances are they are fully competent to warrant such permanent work.

Most decent plumbing companies will be only too happy to provide you with testimonials from other clients or businesses, usually they will be delighted to show you their levels of professionalism.

The ones who don’t are the ones to be avoided…Like the plague!

If possible always stay around while they are working.

Ask what they are doing and indeed why.

This not only serves as a free tutorial but also if problems develop later you can use this knowledge if any dispute arises.

Ask if they offer full guarantees for their products and services.

Always feel free to ask for more details.

Finally only pay once you are satisfied with the work completed and don’t forget to ask for that guarantee or warranty.

It may be required later if the product installed is faulty.

A reliable local plumber is not always easy to source. Choose a professional plumbing company who works efficiently.

Remember you are the client and you’re paying for their services! Good luck!