What Can Go Wrong in Choosing the Wrong Granite Contractor?

You want to remodel and have finally decided on beautiful granite. What could possibly go wrong?

Why Worry About That, I’m Installing It Myself?

Even though you have identified that installation of granite is a job for the professionals, realizing that not all contractors are professional is a lesson better learned from others. Knowing how to safeguard against complications increases ease with installation and complete satisfaction with the final product in an efficient amount of time.

What Could Go Wrong?

Dealing with an unprofessional can leave you with more than just a headache. Relying on someone that doesn’t know exactly what they are doing can leave you paying more for what you don’t want.

Improper knowledge of both granite and its installation can not only affect the granite itself, i.e. chipping or cracking, but also the room as a whole. Noticeable gaps near the wall or uneven pieces/seams will become the focal point of the granite instead of its beauty. Countertops not cut and sealed correctly around the sink and faucet can cause issues for the plumber and can create excess moisture to seep into the seams creating a breeding ground for bacteria.

Poor preparation, inaccurate measuring, careless handling and overall disorder can generate a situation that costs you both time and money and can easily be avoided.

Questions to Ask

Aside from inquiring about design and aesthetic options, investigate the business itself and the people it employ’s. Here are several questions that are important to ask to know exactly who you’re dealing with.

· How long has the company been in business?

· Who will be in charge of my project? How experienced are they with granite?

· How many people will be in my house? What kind of background/security checks are performed on prospective and current employees?

· What kind of training/certification do your employees have?

· When will the project start? How long will it take?

· Are the people assigned to my project currently working on a similar project that I can see in progress?

· Can I get a list of former customers for references? What is the standard procedure if problems arise?

Quality installation is vital in how well the granite looks and performs. Ask others, including retail professionals, for recommendations of reliable installers. Interview several contractors before deciding and ALWAYS get a written estimate. Ask questions on anything you are unclear of and stay involved, keeping communication open and fluid. Inspecting the company/people performing the work and the standards they will be held to will ensure you hire true professionals and achieve the look and design you are anticipating.