DIY Home Security Is Better For This Decade

For the past 30 years most home security systems have largely been professionally installed in homes. The monitoring company then provided security service until the contract expired and was discontinued by the home owner. There are many reasons that DIY systems should be considered today, for their flexibility and ease of installation by the home owner.

DIY home systems come in many forms and devices. Many innovative designs are available giving each homeowner a variety of specific applications. DIY security equipment has the advantage of being a one-time-expense, versus the ongoing maintenance contract for installed systems that can last up to three years.

There are several reasons times have changed that make DIY home security equipment desirable.

• With housing prices under pressure many people choose to rent these days. Renters have the luxury of moving after discontinuation of their lease. Taking their own security equipment with them on the move means that they can reinstall their hardware as they set up their new living space.

• People are changing jobs more often, due to economic problems. People that change jobs a lot will also move more often. Again the self-installed security hardware can be taken along as relocating becomes necessary.

• Monitoring fees are recurrent on a monthly basis, creating an additional bill. Additional bills create problems when relocating or when employment has slowed. Additional installation fees are also incurred when relocating.

• Monitored security systems can create a false sense of security if a homeowner takes no additional steps to protect themselves and their family. Having a firearm, large can of pepper spray and additional psychological deterrents is essential for sending discouraged intruders on their way before they cause harm. Voice alert transmitters and electronic “barking dogs” are examples of electronics that provide security in an innovative way that outsmarts intruders.

Taking an aggressive and responsible attitude toward your own household security is a very good thing. Owning the responsibility puts the home owner in the right attitude to protect his family. While owning a firearm is a great thing, most homeowners would rather see a burglar scared away by an electric barking dog before shooting the suspect.

Getting a much improved security status for a home is simple with DIY home security equipment. Having a monitored alarm system doesn’t solve some of the key problems for preventing home invasion. A tailored system that is easy to move and relocate with is very helpful for modern home owners and renters that see the threat of crime growing.