New Roof Cost – Important Variables

The cost of a new roof depends on certain variables. You will pay for the material that makes up the roof, the labor of installing it and the various services that come along with it. The cost will also be dependent on the area in which you live. So, as you can see, there are definite choices to be made when it comes to finding a roofing company or independent contractor to install your new roof and all its components.

If there is already an existing roof, the new one will have to be placed on top. While this may actually seem like a cost cutter, in reality, it may not burn out to be so. If the existing shingles are damaged or in bad condition, the overall price will increase. This is because the damaged shingles must be repaired, or in some cases, removed entirely.

Another factor that must be taken into consideration when obtaining a new roof is the area that will be covered. Here, the cost per square foot is calculated. Installation of the shingles is one of the main concerns since they are installed by the square. Usually this is done in squares of 100 square feet. The number of squared needed for the roof will be calculated by measuring the area of the roof and dividing by 100. Your contractor, of course, will have additional shingles on hand in case more are needed to complete the job.

The materials used will also help determine the cost. Obviously, the more that are needed the higher the cost will be in the end. The type of materials also plays an important role in this aspect of roofing cost. For example, a metal roof would not cost the same as one made of wood.

There may also be restrictions and licenses that will enter into the equation. The labor contractor must obtain a licenses and permits for performing the roofing work and installing the shingles. This will be provided by the local governing body or townships and city homeowners association. Such licenses and permits require fees which will be included in the cost of a new roof.

So, as you can see, the cost of a new roof can vary significantly depending on the circumstances. Some roofing types are considerably less expensive than others and still provide great functionality. Before deciding on the type of roof you will have installed, you may want to examine all your options. Local contractors in your area will be able to go over them with you to make the decision process easier.

You should also compare the estimates provided by the contractors in your area. Make a list of companies you will call as well as the questions you will ask. This allows you to compare all your options so you can find the one that will provide you the best service at the most reasonable rate. Remember, a reasonable rate does not always mean the lowest. Your new roof is an important investment so quality is extremely important.