Keeping Your Trane Heat Pump Trouble Free

Trane heat pumps are one of the higher quality heat pumps available in the market. But you may run into problems while operating the product. There are some minor issues that you can easily remedy and may spare you from calling the service center.

Problems on cooling or heating functions can have the same root cause: incorrect thermostat setting or faulty power line connection. These problems can be solved by resetting the thermostat level to desired temperature and by ensuring that the unit is plugged to a working power supply. Another problem that can cause the cooling mechanism not to work is when the outdoor unit is turned off. Resetting the unit by turning off the thermostat for one to three hours may help. As for heating problems, another underlying cause could be that a gas valve is turned off, which can be fixed by checking on the gas valve or calling the gas company to have the gas turned on. If the problems are not fixed after doing above methods, it is time to call the service crew to check on your unit.

If your heat pump is running nonstop, the problem could be in the thermostat. When it is set to a point that is too extreme, it may use more energy to reach the set point. Resetting your thermostat to either a lower (for winter) or higher (for summer) set point can remedy the situation. A unit that turns on and off at short, frequent intervals may be overheated due to a clogged filter or blower. The unit’s filters and blower should be cleaned up first before it is used again.

Lack of airflow can be due to a dirty filter, which should be cleaned up or replaced immediately as instructed by the company manual. Another cause would be the system freezing due to a dirty coil, which can be verified by checking for water under the indoor coil enclosure. If this happens, you should call the service crew to have your pump cleaned.

Lastly, if your drain pan is overflowing, the problem lies in the overflow switch which is most probably malfunctioned. In that case, turning the unit off to prevent further overflow is the best option before calling in for repairs.

It is recommended also that periodical maintenance checks for the Trane heat pumps are performed yearly. Maintenance checks include checking if your unit has defective or damaged parts, cleaning and other functional checks that can help prolong product’s optimal functioning and prevent any problems from occurring. If any problems occur on your unit that is not fixed by the above stated methods, it is always best to call up the service crew.