Choosing the Perfect Granite Worktop

Investing in a granite worktop will involve spending a considerable sum of money. When spending a large amount on something that will be used everyday, it is important to make the decision carefully. Choosing the right stone worktop will finish off your kitchen perfectly, and will be used and admired for many years to come.

Colour Choices

The first thing to consider when selecting a granite worktop is what colour you prefer. The majority of people opt for dark colours, such as absolute black or star galaxy. Which colour you choose will come down to personal preference and the existing colour scheme in your kitchen. Black is an excellent choice for teeming with chrome, black or white colour schemes.

Layout Options

It is important to remember that granite is not usually produced in sizes over 3.2 metres, because above this length it can become unstable. Consider having a granite worktop with an inset sink, which is where the worktop is created with a cut out for your sink. In addition to this, groves can be created into the granite next to the sink, to provide an attractive and functional draining area. Your kitchen may also benefit from granite splash backs, which are attractive but also practical and easy to clean.

Edge Profiles

The edging of your granite worktop is another factor to consider. When ordering you will need to choose the type of edge profile you prefer. There are many to choose from and it is important to search online for examples of edge profiles. The classic edge is called flat polish, which is a flat square edging. If you prefer a softer look then the round bullnose edge is a good choice.

Get an Expert to Template Your Worktop

It is possible to order granite worktops by measuring and drawing up a plan yourself. However, this is not a good option because even the smallest mistakes could result in a worktop that will not fit into your kitchen. Most companies supplying granite offer a template and fitting service. This involves a professional coming to your home to take accurate measurements.

Once your worktop has been fitted it is important to maintain the granite to ensure that it lasts for many years. This involves avoiding applying heat to the stone or chipping the stone with sharp implements. In addition to this it is important to clean the stone regularly.