Reasons to Invest In a Wood Burning Oven

Wood burning ovens have been in existence since the dawning of civilization. Today, wood fired ovens are commonplace in homes that enjoy pizza and barbecue grill. The benefits derived from using a well-designed wood-fired oven cannot be compared with benefits derived from using a conventional oven.

There are many stores available online or offline where you can buy a wood fired oven of your choice. The most recent ovens show very little variation of the original design, featuring a round, domed chamber constructed using local stone or bricks, and vented at the front.

· Uses of wood fired ovens

Wood ovens have stood the test of time and continue to go strong. Although most of these ovens are called wood fired pizza ovens, they come handy in preparing practically any meal. You can bake bread, roast chicken and barbeque beef.

The greatest benefit of using wood-fired ovens is perhaps the use of a live flame and high heat within the oven. The same oven can be used to bake for hearth breads using no flame, but the retained heat stored deep into the clay dome. Hence they are common in bread companies, commercial pizza companies and homes.

· High-heat Fast-cooking

Preparing pizza or barbecue grill from wood burning ovens cannot be duplicated in ordinary ovens. The oven is manufactured from materials that absorb heat from the fire. The dome and walls soak up the heat, keeping the oven hot. The temperatures in the oven get to optimal levels of 800 degrees resulting in the chimney closing.

The oven then sits for a few minutes for purposes of allowing the heat to even out. This provides the ideal temperature of between 572-800 degrees to cook pizzas. Therefore, pizzas with a thin crust can be prepared in a matter of 90 seconds, with thick pizzas being prepared using 572 degree in about 2-3 minutes.

· Fuel options

There are many types of large rock ovens featuring different designs to heat up using numerous fuel sources. If you are looking for that unique smoky flavor on your pizzas, a wood burning oven is recommended. The cooking technique used produces a fantastic taste, with the crust being perfectly crispy and the inside chewy.

The 2-3 minute cooking does not allow the moisture in the crust of the pizza to escape, the same way conventional ovens do. The problem posed with preparing meals for long, is the loss of nutrients. Therefore, when you prepare your pizza for 2-3 minutes, the toppings do not become soggy, but rather crispy and full of nutrition.