Pest Problems in Tacoma and how to Mitigate

Known as the “City of Destiny”, Tacoma in Washington State was considered as one of the most livable cities in the U. S. The city features a mixed of old and new from historical neighborhoods to commercial parks, Tacoma presents challenges when it comes to pest control.

Pest problems in Tacoma can come in varying degrees from home structural damage to devastation of plants and gardens. Aside from these pest destructions, spread of pathogens may occur with life-altering diseases. Tacoma residents should be aware of these in order to properly address infestation.

Japanese Beetles in Home Garden

Japanese beetles are not choosy when it comes to what types of plants they munch on. They feed on everything including crops and plants in the garden. Roses, grapes, raspberries and beans are their usual favorites while adult Japanese beetles can attack more than 300 various species of plants.  This type of beetle often causes huge damage to crops in the Midwestern and Eastern areas every year.

Carpenter Ants in Homes

Carpenter ants are usually mistaken as termites since some ants of this species have wings. These ants are darker in color and can grow up to 5/9 of an inch. The problem with carpenter ant infestation is that they destroy wood which could lead to devasting structural damage to homes.  The most common indication if there is carpenter ant invasion is seeing frass or fine sawdust on ground or floors. Structural wood such as walls may have small pin sized holes that make up tunnels which make the wood sound hollow. A soft squeaky crumpling sound may also be heard when stepping or leaning on a wood when it is very quiet.

Roof Rats in Homes

Rodents are highly adoptive with most environment and roof rats prefer the cozy ambience of a home. Also known as “rattus rattus”, these rats are smaller than Norway rats but are expert climbers. Roof rats have longer tail than their bodies and can weigh between 8 to 12 ounces. Their body can be as long as 6 to 8 inches from the head and their tail can measure between 7 to 10 inches.

Homeowners can easily identify if there is a roof rat infestation by hearing chewing or gnawing sound in between walls or ceilings. Not only that they can easily contaminate food and spread diseases, but roof rats can also destroy electrical structure which could lead to fire. The damage could also extend to structural damage.

Pests do bigger harm than we imagine, but we can prevent this by trusting area professionals that offer Tacoma pest control. They deal with pests systematically so you can feel safe at home every day. When it comes to expertise, experience and natural solutions in mitigating pesky pests, you can always count on this company.

Eliminating pest problems is hard so you should not DIY. You might eliminate them on the surface, but they can damage your property on the parts that are hard to reach or out of sight. Professional services can deeply resolve pest problems and totally eradicate their colony, so never settle for anything less and always look for the one that will give you the best service in pest management.