Why The PowerMax Pro Is The Ultimate Security System

With the broadband era comes advanced home security equipment. The PowerMax Pro is an all-inclusive security system that uses wireless networks to completely take versatility to the next level, changes connectivity while boasting style in the world of home security. The PowerMax Pro lets you monitor your home remotely over the internet, through your laptop computer, smartphone or any other gadget. It’s reliable and easy to use. It comes in an elegant contemporary design that everyone can admire.

But the PowerMax Pro’s intelligence is complicated only to the unauthorized individuals, because of the fact that it’s been designed by some of the most sophisticated systems that encourage robust performance as far as security is concerned. It starts with a fast and easy installation set-up, and then you are good to go. It comes with an in-build PSTN communicator, an X-10 home control interface, plus it enables the user to add internal GSM/GPRS or IP communication modules. Because of the amazing features that come with this gadget, home owners and installers are able to enjoy outstanding flexibility.

Today, home owners can select security systems that are in line with their specifications and budget. The service providers come handy, where they are required to provide a perfect platform for offering their clients with web-based security systems.

Now, adding the Powerlink module to the PowerMax Pro makes it a fully managed web-based security system in which everyone can rely on. The solution entails real time camera surveillance and home controls, mobile and email-based alerts, alarm time image verification and so much more. The best part of it is that home or premise owners can log into the system from any web browser.

You can use intuitive menus and intelligent voice prompts too. With this security system, you’ll reduce training time and customer support with both audio-visual system and icon-based keypad status notification.

Other outstanding features of the PowerMax Pro include the following:

1 it is self-contained, no add-ons required for it to function optimally.

2 For an effective home management solution, it comes with an integrated X-10 interface-alarms, lights and so forth.

3 It supports event reporting in form of email, sums notification, pagers, monitoring stations, mobile phones, web applications etc.

4 it has both the internal and external power supply feature.

5 It has power back-up that runs up to 72 hours.

6 It supports 8 user codes.

7 It has a 2-way power code RF system with multiple antennas. This enables a Visonic’s 2 way sirens.


Speech box

This equipment extends voice alerts and 2-way voice communication capabilities to remote areas away from home or premises. So you’ll hear status notifications and communicate with the central station from parts of your home where the mics and panel built-in speakers cannot reach. However, a separate voice module needs to be purchased in order to connect the speech box with the PowerMax Pro.

Proximity reader

The proximity reader enhances easy arming and disarming using a small gadget called a proximity tag.

The PowerMax Pro comes with a vast array of security features any individual will love. The safety of your home is the most important thing you should worry about. But worrying without taking action won’t do you any good. The only way to combat security issues would be to purchase the PowerMax Pro.